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How long does a debt relief order in UK take to process ?


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The official debt relief order should take 10 working days, So you have to wait for approximately 2 weeks to hear back about your application. During these 10 days, your application is assessed by the official receiver.


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it will 14 days to process by the officials. they will let you know before applying for debt relief order and inform you when the process comes to an end.


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Obligation Relief Order (DRO) are one approach to manage your obligations if you owe under £20,000, don't have much save salary and don't possess your home.

On the off chance that you get one:

• your leasers can't recuperate their cash without the court's authorization

• you're generally liberated ('released') from your obligations following a year

• Toward the part of the arrangement time frame, normally around a year
• your obligations will be discounted

• You're as yet in charge of satisfying any that are excluded in the DRO - this is on the grounds that DROs don't cover all obligations.

To apply for a DRO:

There's a charge of £90. On the off chance that you can't bear to pay you might have the option to get help to take care of the expenses of certain philanthropies.

You should contact a DRO counsel, otherwise called an approved delegate you can't present your own application a few foundations and trusts might have the option to assist you with paying the DRO expense

Who is qualified for a DRO:

You might have the option to get a DRO if the majority of the accompanying things concern you:

• you can't pay your obligations

• your obligations are worth up to £20,000

• you have £50 or less left over every month after you've paid your standard family unit costs

• you don't claim your home

• different investment funds or things of significant worth you possess, called resources, are worth under £1,000 (a few resources are overlooked when working out the worth)

• you don't possess a vehicle worth £1000 or progressively, except if it's one that has been extraordinarily adjusted on the grounds that you have an incapacity

• it's been at any rate a long time since your past DRO was made and you aren't experiencing another formal indebtedness method, for example, liquidation or an individual intentional game plan (IVA)

• you've lived, had property, or worked in England or Wales over the most recent three years.



Financial Adviser | Posted on

Generally the official DRO process takes 10 working days so you should wait for at least 2 weeks to hear back about your application status. During this period your application is verified by the official receiver, as he is the authorized officer of the bankruptcy court who works for the Insolvency service.

You need to prepare a lot before applying to DRO as you need to submit the proofs of your debts, income & expenditure which include the following:

1.Utility Bills

2.Wage Slips

3.Lease Agreement

4.Car valuation or Hire purchase agreement

5.Recent documents showing your debt amount

And some other necessary proof of documents.