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How many affairs has President Donald Trump had till now?


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According to a report by, about 219 celebrities, politicians, and CEOs have been accused of sexual misconduct since April 2017. One of the shocking names in the list is that of President of United States. But given it’s Donald Trump, it’s hardly surprising to anyone.

President Donald Trump is yet again in hot waters for a scandal with Stormy Daniels. Stormy Daniel is an adult film star who alleges that Trump had an affair with her just months after his current wife Melania Trump gave birth to couple’s first child together, Baron Trump. She even claimed that Trump’s lawyers made her sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Again, this doesn’t come off as a surprise when talking about President Donald Trump. With an adult life that’s glittered with lavish and playboy-like standards, it’s hard to believe he never had countless extramarital sexual affairs—including the forced ones. And Melania’s indifference and distraught with him on innumerable occasions that are well documented on videos further prove this fact.
In fact, scores of women have stepped ahead in the past few years, alleging misconduct on Trump’s part, spanning over decades. Indeed, misconduct doesn’t qualify for sexual indulgence. However, given the money and celebrity power Trump carries, it’s very unlikely his usual bold, predatory moves on women didn’t sometimes end up in ‘happy time’.
Donald Trump
USA Today compiled a list of 19 women who “claim affairs with Trump or accuse him of unwanted advances.” You can check out the list here. But again, 19 sounds very (very) low. With what we’ve seen of President Donald Trump in public, his misadventures with women, even after being married, spans in a large number.
And you can easily sense this in the expression of Melania Trump when she’s with him!
Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump