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How many days did each Pandavas stay with Draupadi?


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Any pandava whenever can be with her. She was the spouse of all the five. There was nobody year rule. The wide range of various spouses of Pandavas were likewise remaining in the Indraprasth.
After almost four to five years subsequent to making Indraprasth, sage Narada came there and recounted the narrative of Sund and Upasund.
The two of them were asura twins. They had a help that nobody can execute them and they can be slaughtered simply by one another.
They vanquished three universes offered inconvenience to everybody. Along these lines, divine beings made an incredibly famous marvel called Tillotama.
When they saw her the twins started to battle inside themselves saying "she is mine". They murdered one another. Her magnificence caused them to do this.
At that point the lord sent word unto Krishna (in the internal lofts) of the appearance of the celebrated one. Becoming aware of the Rishi's appearance Draupadi, decontaminating herself appropriately, accompanied a conscious demeanor to where Narada was with the Pandavas. The highminded princess of Panchala, revering the divine Rishi's feet, remained with held hands before him, appropriately hidden, The renowned Narada, articulating different invocations on her, told the princess to resign. After Krishna had resigned, the celebrated Rishi, tending to in private all the Pandavas with Yudhishthira at their head, stated, 'The famous princess of Panchala is the married spouse of all of you. Build up a standard among yourselves with the goal that divergence may not emerge among you. There were, in previous days, celebrated all through the three universes, two siblings named Sunda and Upasunda living respectively and unequipped for being killed by anyone except if each large number the other. They managed a similar realm, lived in a similar house, rested on a similar bed, sat on a similar seat, and ate from a similar dish. But they executed each for Tilottama. Consequently, O Yudhishthira, save your companionship for each other and do what may not deliver divergence among you.'



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