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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | Education

How many hours should a student of science study in one day?


Founder & CEO at AERO2ASTRO | Posted on

Studying for 24 hours wont let you anywhere, studying smartly will give you success. Studying just means how much knowledge you can grasp in a given time and it is different for each individual. Example: If a student study for 5 hours and another student study for 2 hours but the syllabus covered by both of them is same then they both will be on same level. No one will ask you about the hours you study but everyone will ask you how much you study. So, instead of asking about hours, ask yourself how much you can study efficiently and take break after sometime so that the brain could be relaxed so that you can work efficiently again.

Note: Never copy the any tactics from others. God has created each individual with different personality. Discover the way with which you are comfortable.


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

More than the number of hours invested in studies, be it any subject, what’s more important is the time management. You choose the specific subjects in eleventh and twelfth standard in school and those who choose Science often have to give extra hours to the preparation of the exams like JEE, IIT, NEET, and PMT.

After school and coaching, students don’t get enough time for self-studies which is the inevitable part of education. Many children often skip school to complete their coaching homework and to study for school exams and tests which is a consequence of poor planning and the adverse effects of this can be numerous. Hence what you need to have is a proper time management chart which can help you with your school, coaching, self-study, and homework.

So after 7 hours of school, and at least 4 hours of coaching you are left with 13 hours in a day. Excluding 10-11 hours of your sleep and other activities from it, you are only left with 2-3 hours which you can utilize for your self-studies.

In weekends, it is advised to give some time to recreational activities to ensure the overall development and to give you a break. Apart from these recreational activities, weekend is the perfect time for the revision of whatever you have studies in the whole week. If you have skipped something from your study schedule due to lack of time, which can also be compensated by spending extra hours on studies during weekend.

 The most important thing is the balance which you need to create between the fun you have and the studies you need to do. Also, you should not forget to take regular short breaks in-between your long study hours.



Former Software developer at Tata Consultancy Services | Posted on

It doesn't matter even if you study 20 hours a day without understanding the concepts. It depends on the way your mind works, I myself studied only before the exam days for class tests, about a couple of hours a day(on an average) during february and 4–6 hrs during study holidays before exams.


Blogger | Posted on

4–6 hrs 


student | Posted on

A student should study as long as he is interested in the subject he is studying . It may even be few minutes to few hours as long as he loves what he is studying . Because after that time I bet you he cannot understand what he is studying rather than sitting in front on books wasting time simply .

Not by forcing himself to study by fixing a particular number of hours .

Slowly he will get bored and will feel sleepy if he is forced to study .

Because humans are not robots right ;)