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Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on | Sports

How many times 400+ targets in ODIs chased successfully?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

There was a time when a 300+ target used to be an invincible score in ODIs and these days teams around the world are scoring 400 plus scores. Time has changed, the batsmen who used to play grounded shorts like to play in the air and want to score maximum runs during power-plays when there is field restriction inside 30 yards of the ground.

T-20 game has changed the ODI format and the batsmen who once used to afraid of bouncers now hit those balls out of the park and score maximum for their teams. In the history of ODI cricket successful chasing of 400 plus score only happened once. Australia was the first team to cross the landmark of 400 plus runs but South Africa had successfully chased down the first ever 400 plus target on the same day.

On March 12, 2006 at Johannesburg South had achieved this feat by chasing down Australia's mammoth score of 434. It was a nail biting match that witnessed 87 fours and 26 sixes. Both teams combined score was 872 runs that is still the highest match aggregate in ODI history.