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Sourojit Roy

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How Mark Zuckerberg became too big to fail?


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Mark Zuckerberg tactfully managed to shape his original image from a “young entrepreneur” to “the guy who is changing the world”. And this changed narration came to play a big role in creating him an impeccable image that’s too big to be captured in any kind of controversy or failure.

See Elon Musk for example. A serial entrepreneur and investor initially who would be accredited with success and failure in the media on a regular basis. NOW, with his Mars colonization mission and the Boring Company in action, his image of a “successful” individual stands tall even when Tesla is struggling from every possible angle. 


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From creating a social media website to trying to connect to the world to now trying to change the world with a digital revolution—the professional Journey of Mark Zuckerberghas been long with too many shifts in core ideas and principles. To that, let’s not forget the Philanthropy work he, along with his equally genius wife Priscilla Chan, does together every year.

Besides, Zuckerberg’s baby ‘Facebook’ is “the thing” on the internet right now. And irrespective of where the trends change and who does what, Facebook will continue to be a successful and unshakeable name in the world for decades to come that brings Billions in revenue for its employers, employees, and investors.

So, yes, when your ambitions change from trying to create asuccessful company to trying to create a better world, your image becomes too big to fail. And this is the exact case with Mark Zuckerberg. At just 34, he’s too big to fail.


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