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How much does MBA costs in Singapore?


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Singapore is emerging as a major destination for education among global students.  Not only Asians but Americans, Africans and Europeans are also preferring to study in Singapore.

 It is very tough to get admission in top B-schools in India. If you are not studying in top B-Schools, then your MBA is not worth of it. Because one has to spend nearly 22 lakhs Rs for the MBA course in India. And studying in middle level MBA colleges will not give you huge salaries and Job in a big companies.

Next to US Singapore has best MBA colleges. And best part in Singapore MBA universities is, the course of study is like western type only. So international students are thronging to Singapore universities.

•    INSEAD, which is a top B-School in the world is having its campus at Singapore. It was ranked first in 2017 and second in 2018 in Financial Timings rankings. INSEAD tuition fees is higher than any other business schools in the world. But the return will also be very high. You will get a excellent job when you come out of INSEAD. For 10 months , the tuition fees in INSEAD is 77,000 US$.

•    Next comes the Singapore Management University and Nanyang technological University. Both were ranked under 50 in Financial Timings rankings of Business schools. Their tuition fees are  43,000 US$ and 38,000 US$ per year respectively.

Apart from tuition fees you will have living expenses , transport costs, and medical insurances. It will be a expensive investment. But the return will be multi folded. All the best.

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