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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How much extra money do I pay when booking movie tickets online?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

It really depends on where you’re booking your movie tickets online, how you’re paying for them and if you’re using offer or coupon codes.

These days, to book movie tickets online, people go to Bookmyshow. The price of the tickets you buy here is same as when you buy directly from the counter. EXCEPT, Bookmyshow also charges an additional ‘Internet Handling Fee’, regardless of your online payment method. This fee is a small percentage of your total ticket cost.

Generally, if you’re booking 2 movie tickets online, you’d have to pay Rs 30-40 as internet handling fees.

So, in short, if you’re booking movie tickets online, you’ll have to pay slightly higher than purchasing them from the counters. Unless, of course, you’re availing cashback.

But then again, when you’re planning to see big venture, hyped movies like Avengers and Mission Impossible that are usually plagued with advance booking, you have no other option but to book tickets online. Indeed, you can go to the theater and boom tickets for 3 days later show. But in that case, you’ll be spending money in travel, which can make purchasing tickets from the counter even costlier.

So, yes, you have to pay slightly more when booking movie tickets online. But then there’s no way around it! Besides, if you can afford a 200-bucks movie and 300-bucks popcorn jug, you sure can afford extra 30 bucks.