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Komal Verma

Media specialist | Posted on | Astrology

How much money astrologers make?


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Astrology has become a full-fledged profession. Some of the top astrologers charge from their high profile clients up to several lakhs. There are institutions that are offering expensive certification courses to the aspirants. On the global scale, it’s assumingly over 100 million worth sector.

A report on Economic Times dating back to 2005 pointed out, “job prospects after passing out of a course on astrology depend on the student s interest. Astrology as a career is said to be very remunerative if you are a media astrologer. Consulting astrologers could earn as much as their media counterparts if their client base is large.”

In 2018, 13 years after that article was published, things are even more lucrative for the astrologers given the high ***** of internet in our lives.

An astrologer can easily build a large client base via digital channels. Meaning, she or he can earn more money quite easily.

Sadly, there isn’t any hard-hitting and reliable research done on this topic as to how much do astrologers earn. But on, a popular online portal, it is mentioned that the average annual salary of an astrologer in USA is $42,000. Their average hourly wage is $22.

While astrologers of other countries might not necessarily be as fortunate, one can assume that the top ones are earning quite a handful.

If you’re planning to be an astrologer yourself, it’s much easier and lucrative than before. In few years, you can easily travel around the world and own a big villa from your earnings.