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Hitesh rathi

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How much money do YouTubers make per view 2018?


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Well, when you talk about watching videos, the first thing that comes to mind is the YouTube. But do you now that how the YouTube Channel owners get profited from the videos that you watch. Here is some cool information for you. Many people think that the YouTubers gets more money when they got some new subscribers to the channel. But the fact is that they will get money based on the number of views that they receive from the users organically.





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But actually the subscribers has the role in defining that how much amount you receive from the video views. That is for example, if have the subscribers range of 2K to 10K and if you get 10K views in some span of time, then you can earn only 1$ to 6$. If you have the subscribers range of of 10K to 100K, then you for the same 10K views, you will receive the amount like nearly 8$ to 20$. So here the subscribers plays vital role in defining the cost per view that you receive from the YouTube. Hence its time for you to start a nice YouTube Channel and get more subscribers and start earning more online.






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Hey Hitesh,

I guess nowadays YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms for exploring as well as earning money.

And there are so many YouTubers have more than millions of followers, as YouTube pays on the basis of your subscribers, likes and views.

Although it has some of the factors which you have to follow when you join youtube and you have to gain at least 10K followers in first one months.

So, the YouTubers who have more than millions of followers they must be earning a huge amount.






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