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How much of milk is wasted in Hindu temples from idol worshipping?


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Fantastic! these days a man can be extraordinary by following two different ways:
  • To do extraordinary things
  • To scrutinize the system without having any single information in it.  
Initial segment for example to do incredible things is troublesome enough thus, to become famous individuals now a days pick the above second way.

It would be ideal if you reveal to me that do you realize that why we perform Abhishek on Shiva Linga ?
That is the genuine issue in our the present youthful society and adolescents, that they don't have a clue about anything and further even not prepared to accept on anything.
They don't have a clue who is Lord Shiva, further they don't have a clue why we perform abhishek and by simple by viewing a dumb film, an entertainer says that there is a wastage of milk by doing abhishek and we should offer it to poor and craving and this youths really accept on his sentences as this entertainers are their golden calf and there motivation.
Further, I don't restrict Charity in any ways and really accept that we should noble cause. Further, our god and blessed books likewise said to serve poor people, society and nation. Yet, we ought to comprehend the distinction between Charity and Responsibility.
Assume, when you reach at 71 years old and out of nowhere, you experience coronary failure/stroke and so on and when you reach at Hospital specialists advise to your child that there is minimal opportunity to spare you and further it cost Rs. 4.00 Lacs for the treatment. At that point, if your child said that my dad would pass on following a half year or one day if not currently; better to fabricate a house to poor by spending Rs. 2.00 Lacs.
At that point the above is worthy in any sense ?
Indeed, that what, you need to comprehend, that to manufacture a house to poor is a Charity and to spend for your folks is obligation. Obligation is consistently greater then Charity and should serve first.
 To take care of the poor is the greatest dharm yet to take care of poor by not offering food to your folks is a Crime and nobody saves you on the off chance that you play out this kind of dharm.
Clearly, Shiva is a God and he gives us all we require and further, he don't need a single thing from us. Essentially, mother gives us birth, gives her desires to see a grin all over and go through a total time on earth on us does you believe that your folks offer this in kindness of anything ??? and in the event that you offer food to your folks, garments to the individual who gives you birth doesn't make you large. Basically, you are playing out your obligation towards your folks.
Thus, what do you believe that Lord Shiva is ?
Indeed, Shiva is our folks, Shiva is our dad. He isn't eager for my one glass of milk yet I am playing out my obligation towards him and that is fulfill me and its my desire as a child to serve him with 100 and even 1000 kgs of milk and no one reserve the option to show how much love; I need to show for my folks.
Our god doesn't need Dhoop, Sweet, Coconut, Flowers, Garlands and Fruits however we love our god with this as we might suspect to put the above in feet of our darling god our abundance will build, satisfaction comes in our family and further, if there is any essential for terrible/in solid benefit in our all out abundance then the agony of that awful/in sound benefit will likewise diminish and Dharm is spread on our complete riches.
Finally, must state to Charity however not on the shoulders of Responsibility.



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