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Medha Kapoor

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How Netflix has changed the entertainment industry?


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There’s no doubt that this has happened, and behold how!

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In a few years, Netflix is ruling the entertainment industry and the hearts of the young generation. Yes, today’s generation is not the daily-soap and two-hour flick one. That time has long gone. Today, youngsters like to Netflix and chill. They are canceling plans with their friends, missing out on family get-together’s and staying at home just to binge-watch their favorite series and a set of new movies streaming on Netflix.

So surely, there is not just the entertainment industry which is being changed by Netflix. The online video streaming app is slowly and steadily becoming a way of life all over. A way of life which is being embraced by multiple age groups with open arms.

The entertainment industry, before Netflix revolutionized it, was all about waiting for your favorite daily soaps on a weekly basis and having to deal with a substantial story as a 1 or 2-hour wrap up. And then, this happened:

1. Binge watching became a trend and we forgot the definition of wait

I have friends who have completed the whole Game of Thrones series, all seasons in 2-3 days. I have friends who became a fan of FRIENDS overnight, and it is all because of Netflix. It just does not end your wait for the next episode of your favorite series, but also help you to cope up with a series you may have missed. It was never possible with cable TV.

2. No ads and cheap price

The reason why people prefer having a Netflix subscription over paying the Cable TV fee is not only the latter being much cheaper than the former. You can Netflix whole day without having to tolerate the annoying TV commercials.

3. Netflix Originals

In all these years, Netflix has just not revolutionized certain lives and entertainment industry, but itself as well. It has a whole range of movies and series to its own credit, and all these movies and series are well-crafted. Netflix has collaborated with many acclaimed directors and filmmakers of Hollywood and Bollywood, to give us some great pieces of art.

Netflix original series like The Handmaid Tale taught us that a book can be adapted without its quality being degraded by the filmmakers.

4. No fear of censor

This point is more valid in the Indian context, where the film censor board is rather infamous. Netflix does not have to follow the rules of the censor board and it makes it a more liberated platform for the representation of art.