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Vansh Chopra

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How Rahul Gandhi’s nomination is stuck in the citizenship dispute?


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The political ground is heating up as the Lok Sabha Elections are nearing. Rahul Gandhi filed up his nomination from the Amethi constituency which has been found objectionable by an independent candidate, who has demanded to dismiss the nomination papers of the President of Congress.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Deccan Herald)

This, however, should not surprise anyone as saying anything against Rahul Gandhi these days is the easiest way to attract popularity and attention. The independent candidate, Dhruv Laal has raised a question on Rahul Gandhi’s educational qualification and his citizenship.

When asked, candidate Dhruv Lal said that he has some documents to support his claim, which he has submitted along with his application for the dismissal of Rahul Gandhi’s nomination. EC has asked for some time to look into the matter.

Congress leaders, on the other hand, are calling all these allegations baseless. They have raised an issue on the nomination of Smriti Irani and have filed an application for her dismissal. EC is enquiring into the matter.


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