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Posted 07 May, 2019 |

How should a young person invest money?

Hazel Justo

@freelancer | Posted 16 May, 2019

Invest based on financial goal

Don't invest without knowledge

Invest more in an asset than a liability

Start investing ASAP!

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Swati Arora

Content and Community manager | Posted 13 May, 2019

There are many ways to invest money like Stock and Commodity Market, Fixed Deposit & GOLD ETF, You can invest in any of these & surely you will get good returns. But it all depends on how good you are able to manage your financial decisions. Seek good financial advice from Finance Experts before planning your investment.

If you are planning to trade in the stock market, then discussing stocks with your fellow traders are really important before getting into trading. Also, you need to answer for the below questions to analyse, in what position you are currently.

How much amount you are looking to invest?

Do you intend to invest that amount as a lump sum or in monthly chunks?

Do you have enough discipline inculcated in you to be patient to see your investments grow?

How much corpus you are looking at the maturity period.

What are your age, occupation and its retirement age.?

Lastly, what is your risk taking ability - are you risk averse or risk ready?

Ananthi Mathur

Marketing and finance | Posted 08 May, 2019

The number of investment choices is almost overwhelming. Your decisions will be based on a variety of factors, most notably how soon you will need your money. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an option where you invest a fixed amount in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals. For example, you can invest 1,000 in a mutual fund every month. It is a disciplined investment plan and helps reduces vulnerability to market fluctuations. SIP investments can help you reach your financial goals by taking advantage of rupee cost averaging, and growing your investments with compounding benefits. With mutual funds, your account will be automatically debited on the requested date to purchase the units of the required fund.