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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How stock investors can reduce the impact of LTCG tax?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

LTCG tax is another evidence how government failed in its union Budget 2018 to appeal different sections of the society. The investors are miffed over the restoration of this long-term capital gains tax, which could significantly reduce the return from stocks held for the long-term. What’s worse is that while government will get 10 percent of your returns, you could end up paying as much as 40 percent if you’re not careful about how you’re investing. Also, let’s not forget that no inflation indexation is allowed here, which makes the tax totally unfair.

If you’re an investor, there’s very less you can do now. You just have to come up with smarter ways to minimize the impact of LTCG tax and keep your returns high.

First, start by trading less frequently. Don’t buy and sell every so often. Be a holder. This is easily possible and less-risky if you pick the right stocks that have higher sustainable value. Second, don’t invest in equities directly. Enter the market through mutual funds, which could reduce the taxable events. While Mutual fund investors are still confused about the LTCG tax calculation, as we move forward, things would become much clearer. And third, take hands of an expert if you’re in the stock market all alone. LTCG tax can totally change the game for the investors who are not smart. So having a professional by your side could ease thins up for you.