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Kanika Malhotra

On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 05 Feb, 2021 |

How stress can affect pregnancy ?

Divya vashistha

homemaker.blogger | Posted 02 Mar, 2021

Pregnancy is a time when an expectant mother has to welcome many changes in family life, in her body, emotions etc. While welcoming these changes stress and anxiety also gets added to her life. As per researchers, short term stress is quite normal and does not seem to have an adverse and unfavorable impact on fetus. But feeling constantly stressed during pregnancy can lead to complications like miscarriage, premature birth, change in the metabolism of placenta, fetal neuro-development etc. If an expectant mother is stressed for a longer period, her body releases a stress hormone called CRH, a small amount of this hormone enters in fetus with supply of nutrients. This gives a negative consequence for the development of unborn child. Also, after birth, risk of mental and physical illness in child also increases like behavioral and emotional problems, cognitive and motor development issues, attention regulation and temperament problems and cardiovascular diseases. “Stress is a silent disease” It adversely affects the expectant mother too. Too much stress can lead to discomforts like insomnia, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, racing heartbeat etc. Psychologists advise expecting mothers to seek support from friend, family, your partner and therapists etc. or people you trust. Since it negatively affects mother’s and baby health, recognizing the source of stress and getting its treatment is very important.