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how takes steps for Fighting Obesity: Steps To Take If You’re Overweight


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The idea of an Obesity Epidemic might seem humorous, as many a comedian has observed but while the idea might be funny to some the effects are not funny at all. Not only is obesity dangerous for the sufferer but it hurts the medical system as well.


Rampant obesity is an aggravating factor in heart and circulatory disease, diabetes and many other conditions. It can shave as much as 20 years off your life expectancy if not more and its prevalence in modern society has a devastating drain effect on the budgets of western countries.
 So what should an overweight person do to make sure that overeating doesn’t affect their chances at leading a healthy and productive life?

The obvious answer is to exercise. Sitting has been shown to be an aggravating factor in obesity, and not just because of the lack of calorie burn. Sitting can lead to deep vein thrombosis as well as serving as a premature death factor all on its own, regardless of BMI.
Exercise can offset the time we spend working in front of the computer or writing TPS reports. Just a half hour of exercise a day might do wonders for your health and fitness names.
Change Your Diet

Of course, exercise is useless if you gobble down burger after burger on a daily basis so a change in your diet is mandatory if you want to avoid obesity and its health impact. Do not let yourself be fooled by various ‘designer diets’ and other gimmicky approaches to weight control.
All you need to do is to count your calories and not go over your daily allotment. Eating more fruit and vegetables is also recommended and avoiding high fat foods is a must.

You must make sure to not go overboard with your diet. Your body has a minimum daily number of calories that it needs to function properly.

Otherwise it enters starvation mode and starts cutting ‘non essential’ processes like your reasoning skills as well as supplying less nutrients to the parts of the body that need it like your muscles.
Order some Tests

If you’re overweight it probably is, at least partly due to your diet. Unfortunately a lot of the foods we fall back on everyday are full of saturated fat and cholesterol.

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Your dietary habits might significantly reduce your life expectancy so it is crucial that you get a lipid panel. A lipid panel or a lipid profile is a test that measures the amount of some of the more dangerous macro-molecules in your blood.
Triglycerides and Cholesterol are the usual suspects as elevated levels of both are associated with an unhealthy diet as well as with overweight and obese people. The Lipid panel will tell you how drastic your diet efforts have to be and you can also check this link out
Obesity is a highly visible killer that could easily be overcome through collective willpower. However, in today’s world it is difficult to balance your diet, get enough exercise and stay healthy all while juggling family and work duties. We need a true national, if not global push if we are to ever stand a chance of winning the war on obesity.


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