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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Science-Technology

How technology is helping terrorism?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are always two sides of everything. As much of a blessing is technology in solving some of our biggest problems, it also has many flaws that few people exploit to propagate terrorism.

In short, while few decades back terrorism ways always linked to regional problems, it’s a global menace right now. And a large credit behind that goes to technology.

Let’s talk about ISIS in particular. These people have been recruiting people to join their organization from across the world. And needless to say, they have found quite a bit of success in that. To that, it is using technology have they coordinated multiple attacks in many cities.

Let’s talk about funding. In recent times, countless reports have exploded the scene claiming how these terrorists are getting money via Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies from their empathizers that virtually makes the sender and recipient anonymous.

Plus, these terrorist organizations have been depending on technology extensively to arm themselves. The world undermines them but they have some of best and advanced weapons. All because they are effectively leveraging the progressive technology!

I am not going to say to prevent this we should stop tech advancement. However, whatever we do, we should do responsibly, taking precautions and factoring its adverse affect. One of the biggest threats right now is Artificial Intelligence. Imagine if terrorists get hold of AI-powered weapons – or they make those themselves. It would be a complete mayhem.