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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

How to avoid mobile phone and other screen distraction during exam preparation?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

It is difficult for an average urban person to keep away from their phones or laptops. From homework to leisure, from gaming to working, one requires one gadget or the other at one time or the other. However, it is essential to strike a balance during examinations.

There many different ways to try and ensure that one stays away from their mobile phones, TVs, and other gadgets during their examinations. Stick a list of reasons you must focus on the exams, as well as reminders about keeping away from your phones, on your wall. Delete games, apps, etc. from your phone. Another trick is to minimize your dependence on your phone: for example, you can use a real alarm clock instead of your phone. You can create a half hour slot in your daily schedule, where you can indulge in gaming, texting, etc. as a break from studying. That way one can regiment the amount of time they spend on the phone.

One can go for a walk, or take a nap; this way one can rejuvenate themselves after having studied without straining their eyes or their mind. Temporarily deactivating one’s social networking accounts also reduces one’s needs to check their phones for notifications or memes.

In the long term, one must strive to inculcate habits that reduce one’s fixation on gadgets. Reading, sports, meditation, painting, music, etc. are other activities which do not necessarily rely upon any gadget. One can also utilize the internet for reading, watching documentaries, etc. rather than gaming or social networking. Again, a healthy balance is the way to go.

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blogger | Posted on

1.I am disclosing to you that the strategy that works for me.There is an application ClearFocus that chips away at Pomodoro procedure i.e at whatever point you need to consider simply press the begin catch. It has choices that will debilitate wifi,internet associations , incapacitate sounds and vibrations and handicap diverting apps(needs an expansion for this). For 25 minutes nothing will trouble you.After that there is alternative for 5 minutes break.

Utilizing this you can monitor the amount you considered utilizing your portable as it likewise shows measurements as indicated by the current day,the week,month and so on.

2.Also please deactivate your facebook. There are simply phony individuals over yonder imagining that their life is extremely cool which isnt. Its only an exercise in futility .

3.You can likewise put your telephone on standalone mode and nobody will aggravate you.