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Trishna Dhanda

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How to beat sensei in card jitsu?


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In standard wrestling, it is easy to take down an opponent. But in the Japanese martial art of 'card jitsu', it is all about defense and escaping from a hold. People even say that sensei, or teacher, can’t be defeated in card jitsu because they are always too busy teaching their students how to win or escape! But, if you have a mind for strategy and enjoy a good challenge, then there’s no better way than learning card jitsu yourself.
What is card jitsu?
Card-Jitsu has been around since the 1800's in Japan. It was created by a samurai named Nirai Kanjiro, who designed the game to teach his students to avoid severe injuries when attacked. Other martial arts practice a series of attacks and counters, but they rarely use actual force. This is because they have to fear injuring their opponent. But in 'card jitsu', you can throw your opponent to the ground and climb on top of them without hurting them. In fact, these days 'card jitsu' means that you are able to use quick moves and strategy as well as lots of strength in order to take down an opponent. 

Club penguin Island Card Jitsu
Club penguin island card jitsu is a game the club penguin has come up with to get people to stop being mean and bully other players. It takes place in a land called Club Penguin Island and you play as a student who traveled there specially for this event. Your goal is to make it through the different levels by tagging certain parts of the landscape. If you touch a stone block, it will take away one of your health and if you touch the dark cloud then it will take away fifty percent of your health.

At first this game seems pretty simple. As player one you can choose a team to form like the Penguins or the SkateBoarders. The penguins are more agile and have better senses while the skateboarders are more powerful and enjoy using their skateboards to ride around on. You start out in a basic area called "the checkpoint" which is just an open field with mountains nearby, trees, some river areas, lava pools and a few other things.

Club Penguin Rewritten 
The popular children’s game, Club Penguin was first released in 2005. Over the years, it has been a popular online community for kids aged 6-17. However, in 2012, the website announced that they would be shutting down on March 29th of this year.

Club Penguin Rewritten is an alternative to Club Penguin before it shuts down. It is free to play and will be hosted by a new company called Pwntoon which also hosts other MMO games targeted at younger audiences such as Super Duper Party Pooper or Mineplex.


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