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Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How to become financially secure?


Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on

To become financially secure, create a budget, reduce spending on unnecessary things, plan investments, develop a habit of regular saving, and try to cut your utility bills.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I have always said this to everyone—the key to become financially secured is planning. The more you plan for your future, the more financial stability you can enjoy. On the contrary, if you’re living each day in singularity in terms of finance, your whole future would become struggling and uncertain presents.

So, if you want financially secured future, you must plan starting today. And this must be followed by proper set of actions. Thankfully, this is not even that difficult. Here are few timeless tips to help you in the process:

*Limit your expense- This is another way of increasing your income. Just cut down on your expense and your income/savings will automatically grow. So, cut back on your unnecessary expenses. Stop spending your money on unnecessary outings, meals, furniture and apparels. Make this a habit and you will see a big impact on your wealth.

* Bank savings won’t provide you security- Some people put all the remaining of their income in their bank account. It’s a bad move. Aside from keeping a fixed emergency amount, you shouldn’t save money in bank account. Because that won’t provide you financial security (unless you’re a millionaire, of course). Instead, you should take that money and invest in some assets like stocks, mutual funds and real estate. This way you will not only be saving but also have your money grow automatically.

* Avoid Credit- Don’t have credit balance on you. Avoid taking loans. Stop using credit card (because that’s the money that you don’t own). If you do essentially require loan, aim to repay it as quickly as possible. You can NEVER be financially secured if you have credit looming high on your head.

* Invest your money- Mentioned already, start investing your money in the right assets. Mutual funds and real estate are very secure investment avenue. Stock market is just as good of an option. Keep away from the cryptocurrencies, or any other speculative asset like that.

* Do family planning- Yes, while as exciting as having kids is, it also comes at an expense. So, do family planning carefully. Think of its financial implications and then make fitting decisions.

*Find a better job or more profit- If you’re a working professional, always look for better and high-paying jobs. On the other hand, if you’re an entrepreneur, continuously strive to increase your profit and grow your business.

*Follow the right people- They are plenty of ways to find financial stability and security. It all depends on your individual case—your distinct strategies, needs and mindset. So if you’re surrounded by the right set of people, you will find better ideas on how to boost and sustain your wealth. Follow social handle of experts in this subject. Read their blogs.

Talk to other like-minded individuals. Ask them questions, give them your own knowledge and experience. This will seamlessly help you have the right mindset.

These are few ways how you can find financial security. Yes, it’s a long process. And it will take time. So, have patience and continue working towards your ultimate financial goal.



Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

If you want to become financially secure you need to follow some tiny steps in your day to day life.

1. Start doing small saving.
2. Invest them on right place.
3. Control your expenses.
4. Pay bills on time to avoid any penalty.
5. Listen to the tricks made by successful investors.

Repeat it and you will surely get the results.