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Blogger | Posted 06 Nov, 2018 |

How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this year


Posted 21 Oct, 2019

How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this year

Celebrate A Noiseless, Pollution-Free & and Eco-Friendly Diwali some simple tips for you.

Say a big 'NO' to crackers

Earthen Lamps (diyas)

Make rangolis with organic colors

Eco-Friendly Decorations

Recycle stuff

Organize Eco-Friendly events

WorkshopQ started simply by re-thinking of all the waste lying around us. As like-minded sisters, we wanted to start a movement instead of just simply a ‘business’. WorkshopQ was born out of that very need to innovate with creativity, sustainability, and functionality. Upon moving back to India after 4 years, we realized the trivial emphasis placed on recycling and how people perceived eco-friendly accessories as only earthy & rustic looking. With WorkshopQ we want to prove to people that being eco-friendly can also mean lots of fun and all it requires is for you to do is just look at things differently.

Riya Jain

Digital Marketer | Posted 28 Sep, 2019

Performing Eco-friendly activities is the need of the hour. The rate at which global warming is increasing constantly is worrisome. We need to keep our activities under control. 

And one of the key contributors to this is the crackers burnt on Diwali. With the Diwali approaching, we really need to spread awareness about the harmful effects of contaminated environment. The amount of pollution released in the environment only in the single night of Diwali is equal to pollution released in about a month. This is something to ponder upon.

Thus, we need to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year. but, what can we do? How can we celebrate sustainable Diwali? I have listed down some of my thoughts on this.


We love to shop, and especially during Diwali. We buy gifts for our friends and families. In this process, we also buy lots and lots of plastic. What we can do is use Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags. This will definitely take down the amount of plastic used during this season. 


2. Biodegradable Cutlery

We all have relatives coming over to our houses during Diwali and who doesn't like to eat? What we can do over here is to use biodegradable Cutlery rather than the plastic ones. 

3. Gifting Plants

We have to gift to our relatives and friends then why not gift plants? It is much better than gifting typical plastic gifts. 

Other than these, there are many other ways to celebrate bio-degradable Diwali. Read Top 5 ways to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali.

On Diwali Decorations, there are many other ways to celebrate a unique Diwali. Read and please give feedback. 

Pulkit Jain

@letsuser | Posted 07 Nov, 2018

Wish you all of u happy Diwali.Make healthy and Delightful Happy Diwali and More Watch my post and likes and comments here 

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Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 06 Nov, 2018

Check this ad: 

A beautiful ad by PS Group Realty. Although the campaign ismeant for ‘Dhanteras’, I think it fits Diwali well and beyond.

This Diwali gift your time.  


(Courtesy: The Brunette Diaries)

Sure, it sounds very cliched. BUT this is the best way to celebrate Diwali eco-friendly.  

Spend time with your parents and children. This is what festivals were always supposed to be. NOT hitting the pubs and posh restaurants with friends and click selfies to get social validation on Instagram. (This, you can do any day!) 

Stay at home, away from all the stress. Talk to your family members. Share some laughs and past memories—it’s been too long. Have lunch and dinner together. If possible, watch a movie together. Badhaai Ho, starring Ayushman Khurana, is super-amazing for a family-watch.  

Have a very relaxed day with the people you love with no worries in the world.  

This is how you celebrate Diwali eco-friendly.  


(Courtesy: The Alternative)

Aside from this, decorate your home with lights. String lights are perfect for the occasion. Get together with your family the previous night (or a few days early) and decorate the whole house together. 

Decorate the puja room with fresh flowers.  

In the evening, light up a Diya at the entrance of your home. Yes, just one is sufficient! Remember, there’s beauty in minimalism.  

That’s about it. In my opinion, this is the best way to celebrate Diwali eco-friendly. 

P.S. Happy Diwali, btw. Hope this festival brings lights and happiness in your life.