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How to choose a gas cooktop and gas oven?


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As like any other development in human’s life the method of cooking and accessories of cooking have also seen many changes. From wood, kerosene to gas and further to electricity and microwaves, the changes that happened in the way of cooking is astonishing. But mainly the cooking is easy in gas-top only.

Before shopping for gas cooktop, you calculate how much space you have in your kitchen platform. And definitely take the measurement of the space. According to the space you decide the size of gastop.

Next thing is, chose the gas stove in accordance with the gas you are getting at home like pipe-line, or LPG.

Buy a gas top with concealed burner. To get fully closed burner is impossible. But if the burner is covered mostly, even if some liquid spills, then the cleaning process will be easy.

As we have busy life, go for a 4 burner which has ranges in capacity. That is from smaller size burner to bigger size burners. It will help in cooking smartly.

And the material of the gas top should be stainless steel only. It is easy to maintain and looks nice.

From my experience I can tell that gas oven in our houses are used only for making Bhattis. Baking other items like cake, bread or pastries is not advisable. Those things will never come out nicely in gas oven. Even for tanduri items also, you won't get the hotel like look and taste. So for bhattis you can buy any branded gas oven.
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