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Sapna Sharma

Counselor | Posted 19 Apr, 2019 |

How to choose best career?

mahesa rasim

Blogger | Posted 21 Sep, 2020

Create a list of 2-5 top career choices.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 20 Apr, 2019

I am no guidance counselor but I have always been taught by my mother that follow your passion and excellence will follow.I agree it is not as easy as it sounds for people keep looking for their passion for years and still are unable to unearth what makes them different from their fellow comrades.But,this is not a stage to give up.

Especially with all the options we have around us emerging with the 21st century,we find ourselves in a dilemma as to whether to cater to a career which will pay us well and has more scope or to follow our heart.But this is the old school of thought and now who says you can't earn well doing what you love?Look out to all the chefs who had a taste to cook,to all the fashion designers born with a knack for fashion and all the players who once spent all their afternoons and evenings playing the sport they love.For such clarity,one can also visit a counselor if one is confused about which way to take to pursue one's passion so as not to get side tracked.


Posted 20 Apr, 2019

I have coached a few understudies in the Bay Area. There is dependably a ton of setting behind this inquiry, for example, your scholastic record, your fantasies and objectives, and your history of victories and disappointments.

Without knowing any of these, I would begin off by saying a noteworthy portion of secondary school understudies don't know what to study. Some choose dependent on what they are great at or what they figure they might want or what might acquire a protected salary later on.