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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to clean makeup brush?


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

All women love to do makeup. But, we often wonder how to clean those makeup brushes? I know ladies out their will definitely agree to my word.


And yes, baking soda can clean makeup brushes! It becomes necessary to clean the makeup brushes as it accumulated with dirt and can cause bacteria which in turn can make your skin acne-prone.


It is easy to clean your makeup brushes with baking soda, simply mix 1 tsp of baking soda with one cup of lukewarm water. Soak your makeup brushes for the couple of minutes in this solution and then rinse off with water and leave them on a clean surface to dry.


Baking soda helps in removing build-ups from the bristles due to makeup we use daily.


Tips to be followed –


  • Keep two sets of brushes so that in case you need a backup brush, they’re clean and you can use them.
  •  When you dry your brushes, don’t leave them standing upwards. If you do this, the water may drip downwards where the glue holds the bristle and it brush might shed faster.
  •  Try to clean your makeup brushes weekly, which will prevent causing bacteria.



online journalist | Posted on

What works best for me:

2 sections infant cleanser + 1 section Olive Oil + 1 little siphon of antibacterial cleanser: Baby cleanser is sufficiently delicate to forestall harm to the strands of your common and engineered brushes. Olive Oil will condition the fibers so the brush stays delicate, just as expelling any buildup of waterproof cosmetics, and the antibacterial cleanser will deal with any microscopic organisms that may have discovered a home in your brushes.

Instructions to clean them:

Wet your brushes with running water for a couple of moments, and consistently do it pointing down so water won't stall out into the barrel or upset the paste that keeps the fibers together.

Submerge the wet brush in your purifying arrangement

Take any permeable surface (I utilize a silicon stove glove that has minor little knocks on a superficial level), and focus on roundabout movements for around 60 seconds.

Keep focusing on round movements under running water until the water runs clear and there's no froth.

Crush the filaments with your fingers to expel any overabundance water, and rub the fibers against a paper towel.


Blogger | Posted on

Stage 1:

You can utilize store brought brush cleaner,normal shampoo,vinegar,make-up removers or antibacterial hand cleanser to clean the fiber of your brushes.

Stage 2:

To start,runthe brush under high temp water to sinse off any built up on https://make-up.Do this for minute,holding the brush at a descending angle,so that the dilute runs the fibers as opposed to back along the handle.

Stage 3:

On the off chance that utilizing store brought brush cleaner,spray the fluid onto the brush,and pursue any bearings on the jug.

On the off chance that utilizing vinegar,make a blend of 2 sections vinegar,1 part water,and drench the fibers for 2– 3minutes.

In the event that utilizing make-up remover or hand soap,please utilize one that is of a gel or cream consistency.Squirt a little sum onto the fibers and daintily rub it in,being cautious not to scrub.Let the remover sit for 2– 3 minutes.

Step 4:

At the point when time is up,run te brush under heated water by and by to rinse.Pull the brush out of the water,and press the fibers gently among thumb and index finger from the base to the tip to expel any overabundance water.Repeat the procedure on the off chance that you are uncertain if all the cleanser or cleaner has benn evacuated.

Stage 5:

Softly crush the brush with a washcloth to expel as much water as possible,then leave the brush level on its side,or stand it up in a brush holder to dry.