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How to create a blog on wordpress?


WordPress is an open platform to create your own website or blog. WordPress is a widely growing platform to scale and rank your blogs.
If you are a budding blogger, it really important to learn how to create blogs on WordPress. So here are steps to it-

1) Domain and hosting – Domain is the website name by which your website will be visible to others in the link. For example – Hosting is a service given by companies that provide you an extension like .com and save all of your websites’ data on the internet. Basically, a website needs both hosting and domain. You can get hosting for free and paid for both but the features will be different.

2) Install WordPress – You need to connect the website you made to WordPress. WordPress becomes the medium through which your website is visible to others. WordPress install depends on the hosting service you opt for. Some services have inbuilt one-click install WordPress while in some, you have to install WordPress from google and connect your website to it.

3) Start blogging- Now that you are done with WordPress install and connect your website to it, your website has been launched. Now you can add your blogs to it. There will be a new option on the site from where you can upload new blogs. You can save them as a draft, make public and edit them whenever you want.

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