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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

How to cure Bhang hangover?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Bhang is an integral part of Holi celebrations in India and drinking a glass of one or two of bhang on Holi has become a tradition among people. But the next morning waking up to a hangover with your head spinning and seems everything in a topsy- turvy state makes you regret on having bhang.

Here are some quick tips to cure bhang hangover:

1. Lemon water: It is a good old tip that makes wonders instantly. Drink a glass of lemon water to ease the dizziness.

2. Herbal tea: Instead of normal tea have a cup of herbal tea such as rose tea or jasmine tea that helps in get rid of headache.

3. Fibrous food: Have a Fibrous food like a banana and blend it into a fruit smoothie. It is high in fibre and full of anti-oxidants that helps in counter intoxication.

4. Avoid painkillers: A majority of people go for quick solution to cure headache and body pain that results in making situation more severe for them. It’s best to avoid a pain killer because it can harm you if you suffer from a health complication.

5. Sleep: It is the best solution totackle hangover woes. Have a good sleep in a dimly lit, noiseless room. Sleep relaxes your mind and body and also reduces headache.