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Sandeep Singh

Founder Digitalu | Posted 05 Mar, 2019 |

How to deal with exam stress?

jennifer brown

blogger | Posted 04 Dec, 2019

we all have suffered from exam stress at some or other point in life. Suffering from exam stress can affect the we work and function on a daily basis. Therefore fighting exam stress is very important. So , here are a few tips to fight exam stress the right way-

  • revise everything before the exam
  • focus on your strong points 
  • go for meditation
  • try to sleep early
  • try to study early in the morning as the brain is able to grasp more and better at that point of time.
  • take health supplements such as Artvigil dosage that acts on the brain to stimulate it. 

Jagriti Malik

@Jagriti | Posted 06 Mar, 2019

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For all those who are suffering from stress due to exams, here are some tips to deal with the exam stress -

1)Don't sit continuously for hours to study. Take breaks and participate in fun things that will help your nerves to relax. 

2) Exercise and get outdoor.

3)Speak to someone about your exams and stress. It will help your mind to relax.

4) Intake healthy diet. It will help to reduce anxiety caused due to the exams.

5) Focus on one subject at a time. Don't just jump into all the subjects altogether.

6)Take regular test for assessment. This will give you a clear picture of how much you know. Hence, reducing the pressure.

Good luck

Shweta thakur

writer, blogger | Posted 06 Mar, 2019

Are you coping with exam stress?

It is a feeling of uncertainty having an edge over the preparation for exams.

The time of exams has approached. For this, students are burning the midnight oil. As examinations time brings a high level of stress that hinders your studies.

While it is a common phenomenal experience that affects every young mind.

For some, exams are a burden, while for others this may be a wonderful time as they think of relaxing after the exams get over.
Stress affects most of the students. Generally, who are week in studies often fear from the name of EXAMS. But, it is important to manage this while finding ways to help eliminate the risk of burnout.

Accept the fact that you are stressed and try to overcome it.

It pays to accept the fact that you are getting stressed because of the approaching exams. Just take a short break from studies, it is good for you. He/she who is familiar with your stressed feelings can become your top choice to hear you out. Talking out your concerns not only eases you but will also help you put things in the right perspective.

Limit to the use of all social media accounts. 

Turn off your cell phone away till the time of exams.

always reward yourself.

Don’t worry! Never let stress overwhelm you!

Here, try these handy tips and tricks and let your anxiety & fear away.

Put your best efforts and till then All the best for exams!

Ashok Ganguly

Educationist & Former Chairman, CBSE | Posted 05 Mar, 2019

First of all, we need to believe that examination is just another day and there is no need to create any hype or feeling stressed during examination. Anxiety or stress should not be the words in your dictionary and actually that do not exist in real world. They are just weeds in stagnant water and must replace them with hard work, focused attention and believe in god. What is required at this juncture is to bring ' Methods to Madness' and remain in focus, firm and fair.

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And one thing to remember, certain bit of tension is required in order to get success in life. This is called creative tension. Totally stress free life is neither feasible, nor possible and even not desirable.

Having said this, we should not go overboard with preparation during board examination. Last minutes jitters are absolutely normal but it is crucial to make sure that we remain calm and composed in order to prepare judiciously. Being graceful under pressure during this period calls for smart preparation. Because besides academic readiness, we need to have psychological preparedness also in order to come out smilingly from examination hall. Do not fear unnecessarily. When you are believing in god and are already resigned to higher will, anger and fear should not affect your morale at this time.

Remember ' First thing first'. You must have made subject wise realistic time table that will ensure giving enough time to each chapter and giving little bit extra time to hard spots. Do not go for select studies. 

exam-stress-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Gettingiton)

It has also been found that during examination time, student start studying till late night or wake up very early in the morning thus hampering sleep and the exam is in the morning. Students feel sleepy in the exam hall. Making drastic changes in the schedule may disturb body clock which may further reduce attention span or hamper grasping powers. If one is accustomed to a certain pattern, one should stick to it - to the extent of minor alterations, say waking up an hour earlier than usual in the morning or studying for a little beyond the regular bedtime. At this time, one should only focus for self learning. Visiting coaching or tuition classes will prove simply wastage of time.Even one must avoid extra-notes, reference books and additional study materials at the last minute. Do not go for too much revision or solving sample papers at last minute. And lastly, eat everything and anytime but only healthy foods. 

So in short, be focus and firm and say ' No' to your time stealers, remain calm and cool, look for psychological preparedness, adjust appropriately your body clock with time clock and belief in god. Remember also that inspite of hard work, you may not get expected marks in exam and that may lead to not getting right college admission or right subject combination but still the life can be meaningful.