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piyush agraval

Blogger | Posted 14 Nov, 2018 |

How to Enable Google Assistant on any android?

dinesh kumar

Blogger | Posted 01 Dec, 2018

Google Assistant is the the Virtual Assistant program running with the support of the Artificial Intelligence. The fact is that it is available only in the Google Phones. But it’s made available for all the android phones now. Here let’s see the ways of making the Google Assistant enabled on your android phone. In your phone or tablet, just open the Google App and tap on the “Menu” and go to “Settings”. Under the “Google Assistant” click on the “Settings” and “Turn ON”. This will enable the Google Assistant function in your Android Phone. Once the Google Assistant is enabled on your Android Phone, just hold on the “Home Button” or sat “Ok Google”, in some devices “Hey Google” to start the conversation.

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To enable the Google Assistant in your phone, there are some basic requirements. Your Android device should be at the version of Android 5.0 or higher, Google App version should be Google 6.13 or higher, Your device should have Google Play Services and free memory should be at least of 1GB. When it comes to language, Google Assistant supports mostly all the common familiar languages. Just enable the Google Assistant in your phone and have some fun with the technology.