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Shehbaz Ali

Blogger | Posted 30 Mar, 2020 |

How To Find A Job?

Rajat Rajput

@Rajat | Posted 17 Apr, 2020

LinkedIn is the best Job search platform that I came across. Make your profile and fill all the required credentials. Send some connection requests to the HRs of your respective domain. Then you can message them directly or you can create a post on your profile saying how much experience you have and currently searching for the job. There are many chances HRs will see the post and contact you regarding the job profile. Use relevant hashtags in your post to reach out to more people.

Shehbaz Ali

Blogger | Posted 30 Mar, 2020

 In this current Covid-19 situation in the whole entire world, there is a big problem for the people are going to be jobless or their jobs are at stake. However with a little research and efforts for them can help them finding the best jobs for them so they can earn their bread and butter for their family.

I know a website to help them build their resume and apply for a job in an industry they want.