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How To Fix Google play store Download Pending Error?


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How to fix download pending in play store?

We've all had issues with Google Play at one point or another. Every app has its own set of problems. Few things are more aggravating than trying to download a new application you've wanted to use for a long time only to have it pending endlessly.

Play store stuck on pending is one of the issues you'll run across when trying to install new apps from the Google Play Store on your Android device. When this issue occurs, your phone will stop downloading new apps. Whatever you attempt to download remains pending regardless of what you are doing.


How to fix download pending?

Here are some popular solutions to the dreaded Play store download pending error, as well as other issues.

  • Check your internet connection- Make sure you're connected to the internet. If you're on Wi-Fi, see whether you can access a website and see if it loads. You may also use this site to check your internet speed. You most likely have an internet problem if nothing else is functioning. First, try rebooting your router.
  • Check your phone storage- A shortage of storage on your phone or SD card is a typical cause of Google Play issues. When you try to download something when your storage is low, you will usually get a message. There are a few things you can do if you still want to make sure storage isn't causing the download to stall. Uninstalling unwanted programmes or deleting outdated images and movies that you have backed up elsewhere will also help you free up some space.
  • Erase google play store data- The Play Store app, like other apps on your device, saves its configurations and settings in temporary files on your device. These files may be the source of your problems in the Store at times. Many difficulties, including download pending issues, can be solved by clearing the Google Play Store app cache.

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Why play store showing download pending?

One of the reasons your Play Store downloads are stuck in download pending mode is that you already have a lot of them installed on your smartphone.

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