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satish Agarwal

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How to get a job when the market is slugginsh??


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Finding job itself is a mammoth's job. If you are a fresher and could not get campus selection then it will be very difficult for you to get job. If you have experience and out of job due to sluggish economy, then you have chances of getting selected  in an interview again.

You can do many activities like improving your talent, higher studies, change the department of your job if it is not on demand etc.

If you are a software engineer, you can learn new coding languages and latest technologies in order to get absorbed in a company. Everyday  new coding languages are emerging. In order to be in the job market you have to update yourselves daily.

If you are in other industry, improve your skill . Even you can take a break from job searching and should go for higher studies. In higher studies also you should pursue your degree in the most required field related your job. Even you can switch off to other subjects if the demand for that is more.

Tell your friends and former colleagues that you are looking for a job.  Ask them to send you messages if they came across any job openings.

Keep your resume/CV  updated and well presented. Your resume should be attracted and well written.

Focus on your skills. Revive yourself and make attempt to get a job in other industries related to your previous job also.

You should search for a job of your skills, even if it is in other industries. So extend your job search on all the industries which requires your skills.

Practice the mock interview tests.  Even you can practice with your friends.

Study and research about the company before going to interview.

All the best.

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