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How to get rich in short time?


Project Manager at The Economic Times | Posted on

It’s a very open-ended question, it may have multiple legs attached to it. Definition for becoming rich for individual to individual may also vary. In order understand this, let’s assume that somebody has nothing at all in hands and he/she wishes to become wealthy enough to run his/her home without worrying about money. You have enough money to fund all his basic requirements easily and still have enough money to use it whenever required.


Now, how to reach there from stage zero?

Create a source of income. Once you have one, try multiply it to two then increase it to three to so on and so forth. It’s a bit difficult to become very rich in single source of income, however, exceptions are always there. There are people who make huge through single source of income only but that cannot be true for all of us.

There is no set formula for earning a lot of money for everyone, something might work for someone while something else works for others.

“Plan, prepare and then perform”

Plan: In order to start earning, you need to device your own plan. Planning is the most important aspect for your success. In the a world where you will find cut-through competition almost everywhere, you need to a great planning. Try having a plan A, B and C in case one does not work.
Prepare: Once you are ready with your plan, time to prepare yourself with all required resources required. Moreover, you need to focus more on your mental state. If your mind is prepared, nothing can defeat you in the world.

Perform: This is the time to show the world that you exist and you are not here to temporary. Create a space for yourself and keep mobbing.
“The will to win is nothing without a will to prepare”
Can today’s somebody achieve in 5 years what took others 30 years earlier?

Remember owing to globalization and technology advancement, it is extremely easy for you to create what others might not have earned earlier. Things move faster across counties and execution is much faster than ever. You need to make best use of it.
Among all rich people across the globe these things are common
1 They created multiple income source
2 They invested right
3 They invested in them to learn first and then they earned
4 Except a few, most of them had a strategy
5 They did something innovative
6 They were focused
7 They were consistent
Having money and utilising money are two different aspects. Most of us have enough money to get rich but a couple of us try.

Utilising/Investing money is the most important aspect of becoming rich.