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अनीता कुमारी

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How to impress Shani Dev ?


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1. Light a lamp

Shani Dev gets pleased if you light a lamp before the image of him on Saturday. You can also read "Shani Mahatmya'' and don’t forget to lit lamps with mustard oil, it pleases Shani Dev more.

2. Say no to alcohol

It is believed that if a person abstinence himself from alcohol and non-vegetarian foods, it pleases Shani Dev.

3. Feed Monkeys

People who serve monkey can ward-off the evil eye of Shani Dev.

4. Worship Lord Hanuman

According to the Hindu mythology, lord Hanuman saved Shani from the clutches of Ravana in Ramayana. So, Lord Shani promised to reduce the negative affects of Shani on individuals if they worship Lord Hanuman.

5. Do good Karmas

Last, but not the least, do good karmas and follow the right path because Shani Dev gives us the results of one's deeds through one's life through appropriate punishments and rewards!



Choreographer---Dance-Academy | Posted on

It’s believed that if your kundali shows signs of shani mahadasha, then as a precautionary measures it is advised to visit Shani temple every Saturday. You should pour mustard oil and light a lamp in front to idol to reduce the impact of Shani Mahdasha. As, for some people it brings good luck and for some people it brings bad luck too!


Businessman | Posted on

Every Saturday you should go to Shani temple (after sun set). You should pour mustard oil, offer black til, black cloth piece and nail. While you are offering all these, never look into Shani Dev’s eyes and these offering are done from the side. After this, you must offer water to pipal tree and lit diya there also.


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Saturn is slow moving planet takes 30months cycle. Well if you offer food to the needy. Offering Iron/steel in the form of chair, cot, to poor people. Lighting Gingeley or black seed oil, offering blue Flowers, black cloth to Sani diety, Praying and taking dip in pond at Thirunallar Sani temple. Also Sani singnapur. Praying to Hanumanji, Ganapathy. Ayyappa Good. Fasting on Saturday Chanting Hanuman Chalissa, Sani Gayathri all good. Finally praying to Lord Shiva.

In general Saturn is a Judge will deliver good who will wait patiently.

Saturn is the only planet who got Eashwar title due to penance.


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Go good things god will gonna help you out also.