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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to increase concentration?


There isn’t anything out of the box that you need to do. Whether studying or working, just following the basic steps can easily improve your concentration level.

Here are few of the things that you can do immediately:

1. Drink More Water- It would improve your metabolism and make you feel energized. And when you’re feeling full of energy, you would be able to concentrate better.

2. Sit Straight- Sitting straight is easier said than done. You have to consciously make attempts to not slouch. When you do this, all the while also keeping you feel relaxed, you will find it hard to get distracted.

3. Deep breaths- When you’re trying to concentrate, learn to take deep breathes. When you do that, you would be able to feel relaxed and be more aware of your surroundings. This would improve your concentration.

4. Mediate- It’s no secret that mediation helps in improving concentration. It is, in fact, one of the most effective techniques, virtually guaranteeing you good outcome.

5. Challenge yourself- See how you react when someone challenges you to do something. You instantly get very motivated and concentrated to prove yourself. So challenge yourself to be more concentrated for next 15 minutes, 20 minutes and an hour.

Remember, there isn’t any magical wand that you can swish to tune your concentration to new levels. You have to practice these steps and more very consistently. It’s going to take some time. But if you’re dedicated enough, you would succeed.




Many people struggle to be completely focused when they try to have a clear task at hand, and many others don’t even understand what being unfocused can mean. This article will explore what it means to have a lack of focus, how excess focus can impact your life in negative ways, and why you should be careful not to mix up your mentality with ease.

In contrast, the term 'concentration' can imply that one is losing their mind in order to achieve a goal or finish something quickly. This isn't the right kind of concentration - it's called "being overwhelmed" or "over-focusing".