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How to increase Instagram Followers?


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Instagram followers

Instagram has proved to be the most influential platform of social media. An enormous youth has been indulge in blogging with a craze of attracting a chunk of followers.

Everyone loves to eat, travel, shop and wear fashionable clothes. However not everyone has the knowledge to explore new things or wear fashionable clothes. Instagram being an influential platform has changed many people. There are many bloggers providing usefull information about travel, beauty products and what not. It has worked in two ways: the bloggers are themselves earning through blogging and people are getting entertained with their blogging.

It’s important to keep in mind that not anyone becomes a persuasive blogger. One needs to ponder over that in order to attract a lot of followers one should be different from others.


Here is a list of things through which one can increase their real instagram followers:

1) Make your account attractive

Post something attractive and new with beautiful pictures and influential posts. Work on your first post to develop your own layout.

2). Follow for follow back

You can find real accounts and follow them. Most of the people will follow back if they will like your content.

3). Keep updating news feed
People will follow you only if you provide them right entertainment. Keep updating about your travel blogs and food blogs.

4). Review new products and places

If you are a travel, food, business brand blogger etc you should keep reviewing your new products and through igtv videos. igtv videos are watched by many people. If anyone will like your content s/he would follow you back.

5). Make your feed filled with hashtags

Hashtags can make a lot difference. Always post your pictures with hashtags. They not only make your post look attractive but also people can see them while searching anything.

6). Be updated with society

Always update yourself about the society. Keep posting your opinion about any recent news or happening around you. Make sure your opinion is not wrong but influential. Post content on relevant issues of society.

Growing your Instagram account can often seem like a challenge, but if you follow the right techniques and strategies, you could definitely get more Instagram followers in 2020. Targeting the right audience with honest post can really make a difference. 



Blogger | Posted on

Create unique content.

Engage with your audience

post regularly

ask the audience what they want?

If possible then do giveaway


blogger | Posted on

  • Build your BIO.
    • Connect to your friends.
    • Look for your audience.
    • Post the content attractive to your viewers.
    • Be consistent.
    • Use the appropriate hashtags.


@blogger | Posted on

  • Write great description on your profile
  • Put your website or blog or page in your profile
  • Use emoji's in your bio to attract people
  • Make your account public in settings so that people can see your posts when they search for you
  • Always use #hash tags
  • Always try to respond to comments of your followers
  • Post videos regularly

Instagram is one of the top SMO platforms to get traffic.


SEO Executive | Posted on

show More Engagement and try to post on daily basis.