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How to Interlink Bing Ads and Google Ads with Double Click For Search?


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First of all, we have to know what is DS integration & Infinity?

Infinity can send call data related to Paid Search into DS Integration or DoubleClick Search Integration by firing custom actions into DS API and for the call that is tracked in Infinity, we have to check to see if it was attributed to a DoubleClick Search tagged landing page or not. If so, we send the call as a custom action or transaction, along with the Google Click ID or gclid of the landing page.

DoubleClick Search Tagging

Adding tags/tracking templates to the DS account is an essential part of this integration. Please ensure that you upgrade your DoubleClick Search account to use Upgraded URLs. Upgrading via DoubleClick will enable us to use the new DS tracking templates without needing to use Infinity’s 'check tagging' mechanism for both AdWords and Bing.

If you already know that you don’t have any URL templates in DS then you can simply add one URL template for each engine account, as shown below:

For Google AdWords, you can use the following URL format in DS:


For Bing Ads, simply use this URL template in DS:


After performing above functions, you have to turn on the conversion API from your DoubleClick installation. For that you have to contact your DoubleClick Search consultant to request that Infinity are able to access your Event API & ask them to provide access to all parties. For Infinity, we generally use:

Add DoubleClick Search Integration (within Infinity Portal)

Navigate to Admin section of the Portal

Select option Integrations 

Then, Click Add Integration

Select DoubleClick Search option

After that you will see a new window, please fill in all the details as appropriate. Click Add and choose your criteria from the drop-down options available. If you wish to send any particular data through a specific activity, you can make this selection there. Finally, click Save to complete your integration process.

I would highly recommend creating one integration per Infinity which you can easily send through to DoubleClick Search. There is currently no extra charge for this.


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