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Shivam Khare

Student | Posted on | Education

How to learn Japanese language at home free of cost?


Writer | Posted on

Language is nothing but a medium to communicate with people. When a child grows in a family, parents slowly teach him/her respective languages. In this way, the child speaks the language and can understand or gain knowledge.

If there were no process of language learning, we would not be able to become so knowledgeable and benefit others. so our daily life is very much dependent on language learning.

And always remember there can never be any limit to learning. Some people speak different languages. So it is always beneficial to gain knowledge or training of different local as well as foreign languages.

If you have a passion for learning languages, you can do the same. No money is required. Language learning is nowadays possible free of cost.

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What about learning the Japanese language for free?

You may be surprised but yes, it is possible to learn Japanese for free at home. There are several ways to learn Japanese online sitting at home with full comfort.

I.There are several online websites that teach the Japanese language at zero cost. There will be various stages of learning Japanese. The rules and procedures may vary from one site to another. You as a student just have to devote some hours of learning every day.

Initially, the online teachers will introduce you to Japanese alphabets, pictures, and then graphics. However, the process is variable in all the online Japanese learning websites.

2.There are numerous youtube tutorials also available to make you learn Japanese free of cost.

After completing the course or even during the course, go for a conversation in Japanese with people who know the language better. Tips that can help  learn conversational Japanese:
1.While talking in Japanese, do not give much importance to pronouns.
2.Try to interrupt people in between Japanese conversations to learn from mistakes.

Nowadays, learning foreign languages like Japanese can be beneficial for your job too. So grab the opportunity to learn Japanese free of cost.


House wife | Posted on

"Japanese Language is only a Language not a Knowledge" so everybody can easily learn at home itself for free of cost

1) The best way to learn Japanese language is to start with the alphabets.

2) Practice grammar(Ex: Past tense, present tense, Future tense) wording.

3) Try to start speaking(Never mind about the statement is correct or not), because we can learn fast only from the mistakes

There are many online websites are available, Here are few easy ways to learn Japanese Language:

1)  Duolingo (It is a popular Language learning site or app)

2)  JapanesePod101

3) Jisho etc...

This complete world is within your hand (Ex: Mobile phone), so do not be worried about learning new languages :)


Student | Posted on

There are so many people in this world who are enthusiastic about learning new languages all the time. One of the greatest benefits one can earn from learning new languages is that if they visit that particular country, the translation problem will be sorted. But as we see there are so many online courses which include packages for learning and for purchasing cost because of which people get diverted from learning a particular language.
For the people who are excited to learn Japanese language and that too for free, the following are the sites and apps which are providing free of cost courses for Japanese.

  • Duolingo
It is one of the most popular language places. In the previous year, the app launched new courses for Japanese for beginners which are free of cost.
  • JapanesePod101
The JapanesePod101 has been given more priority over other apps because it has been there for a very long time. This app provides free of cost courses for people. They release video and audio clips and quizzes. They also provide physical printed lessons.
  • Learn Japanese
As the name of the site only highlights that this site provides content for free of cost . There are various courses available on the site for beginners and other special courses which cover vocabulary parts based on different themes.Letsdiskuss


translator | Posted on

There are many apps and websites from where we can learn Japanese language free of cost sitting at home. YouTube also has some valuable and educative content which can help us achieve the target.
Language can always be mastered by talking to people.Conversation helps us to understand the language in a better way and also to correct our mistake at the same time.Flashcards are a way to memorize language vocabulary visually and in a fun manner. Kanji is the alphabets that Japanese kids learn first and once kanji is mastered, you'll be able to read almost three fourth's  of the Japanese language. That's a great way to learn the language.


Content writer | Posted on

The primary use of a language is to express ideas and it is very important for social and business life. Learning languages can be very helpful when someone go abroad for higher education or for business trips or for working.There are many people who can speak more than two languages and such people are called multilingual.

The most widely spoken language in Japan is Japanese,and Tokyo dialect is taken as standard Japanese.Linguists believe that spoken Japanese  language is much easier easy to learn because it has only five vowels and 13 consonants.It is Japanese in its written form that is difficult. There are many apps  nowadays to learn Japanese languages at home for free Making flashcards for different words, to study  phrases, and to memorize grammar basics are one of the easiest way to learn the language .Then speaking the language even with mistakes is another stepping stone to learning the language as making mistakes make you aware of the correction needed.



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