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Satindra Chauhan

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How to live with your regrets?


You might know individuals who gladly pronounce that they've lived strongly and regret absolutely nothing. Accepting that we shouldn't encounter regret places us in twofold peril: we experience them and can't help thinking about what's going on with us for having them. In the event that we regret absolutely nothing, we either haven't been focusing or are living willfully ignorant. We as a whole screw up at times.



We could characterize regrets as conveying distress or disgrace in regards to past activities or choices. There are numerous things we could regret. Maybe we regret our association decision, choices around our wellbeing, funds, or vocation, or not having invested sufficient energy with our friends and family. Perhaps we regret that we didn't savor our life enough or face more challenges. Working with Our Regrets


Intelligence seldom emerges without acknowledging how rash or egotistical we've been. Great choices outgrow the sloppy waters of our terrible choices. Understanding what we know currently, it's quite simple to think back and wish we'd pursued various decisions. Perhaps of the gravest damage we incur for ourselves is to pass judgment on the choices we made then in light of what we know now. We just increase such information through the entryway of experimentation — and committing errors.

In an environment of delicate self-acknowledgment, we can direct our concentration toward what we could gain from our miscues. Reclamation lies not in attempting to dispense with regrets, however in involving them as an entryway to build how we might interpret ourselves, others, and life itself.



Assuming that we pursued unfortunate relationship decisions previously, we can improve ones later on. Assuming that we hurt somebody because of insolent or reckless way of behaving, we can invest in a way of self-awareness and care that expands regard and responsiveness toward ourselves as well as other people. We can think about setting things right if doing not an unwanted interruption is as well. We can work with a specialist or join a twelve-step program to assist us with pushing ahead.


As we settle on smarter decisions, we will have less regrets.


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