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how to make biryani?


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Biryani is an Indian and Pakistani traditional meal. The term "biryani" was first used in a recipe book released in 1847, and it is now one of the world's most popular dishes. Biryani is a simple dish which tastes like a treat. For every type of meat or vegetarian choice, a full list of ingredients is supplied below, along with quantities, so you can easily keep track of preparation.

Biryani with Meat
By far the most well-known biryani is chicken biryani. Chicken is by far the most common meat used in biryani, but beef, goat, and lamb are all popular. Although chicken is used in the traditional recipe, any meat can be utilized. The biryani is cooked in layers in a biryani cooker, which is a special sort of wok designed for the purpose. If you have one, you can also use a classic clay pot.
There are several ready-made variants to pick from, including chicken or beef, chicken or lamb, mild or hot, and basmati or karhai rice (a softer and more aromatic variety). Some are pre-fried, while others are packaged.


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