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how to make chocolate cake?


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Children often like chocolate very much, and if it is a matter of chocolate cake, then what to say.Today let's tell you how to make nice and delicious chocolate cake at home easily and without any hassle.


Material :-
- 4 small packets Oreo Chocolate Biscuit (according to your taste)
- lukewarm milk - as required
- tsp - oil (optional)
- Eno - a pack
- Vanilla essence - tsp
- Powdered sugar - 3 tsp
Method :-
First, break the Oreo biscuits into small pieces, then grind them in a mixer.
After this empty the biscuit powder in a vessel, and add oil to it.
After this, add sugar and mix it well, then gradually add milk to it and make a thick paste of it.
Keep stirring its paste well for at least 30 minutes until the paste becomes very soft.
After this, add vanilla essence and eno and mix well and keep the paste covered for 10 minutes.
Now take a cake making vessel and apply ghee or oil in it, and after that put a little dry flour in it and apply it in the whole pot.
Now put the paste in the cake vessel and tape it on the ground so that air does not form in the pot.
Now put salt in a cooker, put a stand in it, put the cake pot in it and put the lid of the cooker and leave the city of the cooker and keep the cake to cook for 45 minutes.
After the cake is cooked, let it cool down and take it out of the pot, and keep it to cool in the fridge for some time.
Take the chocolate cake is ready