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How to make creamy white sauce pasta at home ?


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It’s been a while that we could go to our favourite restaurants and cafes, have a gala time with friends and eat all the tasty and mouth watering dishes. How many of you are missing that amazing, tempting and piping hot white sauce pasta? I’m a sure a lot of us. Therefore I’m going to share a very simple and easy recipe of white sauce pasta so that you can prepare it at home with minimal ingredients and enjoy while sitting in your living room and binge watching your favourite shows and movies.
These are the ingredients and the quantity we will be needing to prepare our restaurant style pasta:-
Pasta ( depending on how much you are making)
vegetable oil ( 2 table spoons)
Oregano, chilli flakes, black pepper, salt ( according to taste)
melted butter ( 2 table spoons)
All purpose flour/ maida ( 2 table spoons)
milk (2-3 cups)
Vegetables cut into slices, use vegetables of your choice ( onions, bell peppers, corn, baby corn, mushrooms, zucchini etc.)
ginger and garlic paste
cheese ( grated)
eggless mayonnaise
• Take a utensil with higher depth and add 3-4 glasses of water, add salt( to taste) and vegetable oil ( 2 tbsp), let the water boil and once it starts boiling add the pasta in the utensil and let it boil for good 15 minutes till it gets soft. ( Make sure to not overcook the pasta, as the texture will be spoilt).
• While the pasta is boiling cut the vegetables into dices and wash them with hot water nicely.
• Strain the pasta and rinse it with cold water so that the cooking process it stopped and pasta doesn’t turns out mushy.
• Now take a pan, add butter ( 2 tbsp) let it heat and then add ginger and garlic paste according to your preference, at this time you can add onions as well so that it turns out golden brown and make sure to put the flame on medium.
• Once the onions are cooked add maida ( 2 tbsp), keep stirring it with a spatula so that it doesn’t burns and let it cook till it turns golden brown, once the maida is cooked add milk ( 2-3 cups) and keep stirring, make sure it doesn’t turns into a lumpy paste, if there are any lumps stir the sauce really really well and let it cook for about 10-12 mins on medium heat.
• The sauce will start getting thick and it’s the time we add all the diced vegetables and spices, add black pepper, Oregano, chilli flakes and Salt ( according to taste), now add all the vegetables and let it cook for 2-3 mins, once the vegetables are well coated in the sauce now it’s time to add the pasta. Mix it well, add mayonnaise and grated cheese on the top for a more creamy touch.
Your easy to cook piping hot white sauce pasta is ready, you can enjoy it with your friends and family and make sure to serve it hot.


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