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How to make hair soft without conditioner?


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When you’ve got a big day ahead planned, looking your best is top priority. So along side dewy skin and poppy lips, sleek tresses also feature high on your list. However once you reach out for your trusty hair conditioner within the midst of a shower, you discover yourself left with an empty bottle! Do you fear being in such a situation with the looming threat of dull, frizzy locks? Well fret not! If you ever end up forced to skip conditioner, here are five hair hacks which can hold you in good stead and provides you smooth hair regardless.

Use the right cleanser

Next time smooth tresses are on your agenda, there’s only one shampoo for the job. Everyone knows that oil is that the magic potion for hair and this shampoo has 5 of them! Enriched with almond, babasu, coconut, camellia and argan oil, this shampoo nourishes the strand from deep within in order that hair is smooth and soft without being greasy.

Get packing

Give your hair a dose of nourishment with a hair pack that is full of wonderful nutrients. To make one yourself, combine 5 tablespoons of yoghurt with 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 and ½ tablespoon of olive oil. Blend it all together until it emulsifies. Apply the mixture all over your scalp and hair length. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly with warm water. Honey may be a humectant, which attracts moisture with ease. Yoghurt is filled with protein and olive oil is rich in Vitamin E.

Groom your hair well

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Little things can make all the difference. In this case, it’s the grooming habits you add to your hair care routine. Even if you’ve skipped hair conditioner, let your final rinse within the shower be an icy cold one. The coldness of the water works magically on hair and seals within the nutrients from the shampoo, thus preventing hair from getting dried out. After your bath, resist the urge to select up a blowdryer and let your hair air dry instead. Once your hair is completely dry, use a boar bristle hair brush to brush back your hair by focussing on your scalp. As it helps redistribute the scalp’s sebum evenly, it’s ideal to urge smooth hair.

Pick the right product

Choosing the right product can make a world of a difference to your hair. If you are on the look-out for a product that will smoothen hair and remove frizz, the TIGI After Party is just what you need. This smoothening cream is lightweight, works well with a mess of hair textures and reduces flyaways and frizz. All you will see is smooth tresses that are good enough to compete with silk!

Give your hair a good night

Before you hit the hay, confirm your hair gets the simplest night of its life. To do so, ensure your hair is totally dry before you sleep. As it is at its most delicate when wet, sleeping in such a condition can cause breakage. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb prior to sleeping so that knots don’t form through the night. If you’re comfortable with tied hair when sleeping, use a silk scarf to try to to so because it prevents static and frizz. You’ll determine that awakening to smooth hair is that the best present you'll give yourself.Letsdiskuss