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How to make malpua?


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Malpua Recipe: Let’s celebrate Holi with these delicious sweet straightforward malpuas!

This delectable Indian flannel cake direction (malpua recipe) consists of general-purpose flour (maida) and flour (sooji or rava), soaked in milk, deep deep-fried in drawn butter (desi ghee), and unfit in syrup (chashni or sira) that's fine seasoned with cardamom.

Malpua is Associate in Nursing integral a part of all auspicious occasions and festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Navratri.

The origin of the malpua direction is alleged to be a sweet cake referred to as referred to as from the sacred writing amount. Barley flour was either deep-fried in drawn butter or poached in water, and so unfit in honey. Malpua is claimed to preserve each the name and also the necessities of this dish, creating it arguably the oldest sweet within the Indian landmass.



  • maida (all-purpose flour)
  • flour (sooji)
  • sugar
  • milk, full cream or milk (about one cup)
  • Sugar Syrup / Chasni:
  • sugar
  • green cardamom pods, gently crushed
  • ghee, for shallow preparation
  • saffron, soaked in heat milk


  • Make malpua batter: sieve general-purpose flour (maida) into a bowl. Add flour (sooji) and sugar and whisk to combine. Pour in milk, a bit bit at a time, whisking with every addition. Stop once you have a batter that's of running consistency. you'll in all probability be left with one or two of tablespoons of milk. Set the batter aside for half-hour.
  • In the meantime, build the syrup (chasni): place a sauce pan on medium heat and pour in ½ cup and a pair of tablespoons water. basketball shot sugar and stir until the sugar dissolved utterly and also the sweetener starts to thicken, three to four minutes. supply inexperienced cardamom pods and stir for an additional minute. take away syrup (chasni) from heat and reserve.
  • Pour drawn butter into an important skillet over high heat. whereas the drawn butter heats up, check the batter. it'll in all probability have thickened any – add concerning a pair of tablespoons or a small amount additional milk to skinny the batter all the way down to a simple running consistency.
  • Once the drawn butter is hot, scoop out three to four tablespoons of batter during a ladle or tiny cup and thoroughly however quickly pour it onto the middle of the skillet in one spot. The batter can unfolded to create a few 4-inch malpua. Use the spatula to push some drawn butter on to the upside of the malpua. Fry until the sides flip golden brown, concerning one minute, then flip with a spatula and fry the opposite aspect for an additional thirty seconds. change the warmth as required if the drawn butter gets too hot. take away with a slotted spatula, permitting the drawn butter to empty, and so place directly within the reserved syrup (chasni). whereas the primary malpua is soaking within the syrup, fry the second malpua, then repeat for the remaining batter. this could yield concerning seven malpuas. Dip every malpua in syrup (chasni) for three to four minutes, turning to confirm each side soak within the sweetener equally.
  • Garnish with milk soaked saffron and serve hot. you'll eat malpua on its own or attended with rabri or frozen dessert.



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