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Sameer Tewatiya

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How to make poha?


Student | Posted on

Poha is one of the favourite breakfast for many people mainly in Maharashtra because it is healthy and tasty to eat so here are the favourite receipe of mine which i love to eat are as follows:

1.Put some oil in a pan and cut some veggies like tomato,green peas,chillies.

2.Add some peanut in the oil,jeera ,salt green peas onion and tomato and in last add poha into it nix it well and poha is ready to serve.


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firstly, In a large basin take 15 cup OH . do not take thin OH as it turns soft, wet as soon as you add water .

clean with water in water and drain off the water .

add 1 tsp sugar, a tsp salt and a tsp turmeric .

mix kindly, quietly, not roughly using your fingers without making OH soft, wet .

Rest for 810 minutes , or until the OH softens without turning soft, wet or sticky .

In a large madam heat 2 tbsp oil and roast 2 tbsp plant forming seeds in the earth on low flame .

roast until the nuts from plant forming seeds in the earth turn pleasingly hard but readily broken, Keep aside .

In the same oil, add 1 tsp brown paste made from seeds, 1 tsp cumin, small amount thing and few curry Leaves . cracking noise the making hard .

Now add 2 chill , 1 inch Ginger and 1 bulb with strong taste . saute until the bulbs with strong taste softens slightly .

further, add 3 a tsp turmeric and a tsp salt . saute slightly .

add made wet OH and mix well combining everything well .

Cover and boil slowly for 3 minutes or until the OH is cooked well .

Now add fried nuts from plant forming seeds in the earth, 2 tbsp coriander and a bad . mix well .

at last, have special rights and OH directions with the mixture as a morning morning meal .