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How to make Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda at home?


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Punjabi kadhi recipes With a step by step photos - this is usually my mother in a recipe for making traditional Spanish kadhi with pakoras. He's been making this fun card since ages. Family enjoyed the recipe

Kadhi pakora is usually made in our home, but I couldn't control myself getting step by step and pictures which is why it took me well to share this delicious Punjabi kadhi recipe.

Find My Secrets For Big Indian Food

We love the kadhis, either clear or pakoras. At home we call it kadhi chawal, because kadhi consisted of plain rice or jeera rice. and you can have kadhi with roti but I always like to have kadhi and rice. Kadhi chawal and rajma chawal combo is a popular type in Punjabi cities.

Each and every district has its own way of making dahi kadhi. so we have Maharashtrian kadhi, Rajasthani kadhi, Gujarati kadhi, sindhi kadhi and so on.

The Punjabi card is different from the other regional variations of the kadhi. Punjabi kadhi is thick and creamier and some of the variations of the kadhi have a slight slight consistency. The ingredients that make the card perfect are the versions to fit or match.

Few Tips To Make The Best Kadhi Of Punjabi

Use a full fat curd. If the curd is not sour, the card will not be sour, and yet taste good. To make the curd sour, you will add amchur powder while cooking the kadhi.

Use mustard oil if possible to soften the onion panoras and stir. Mustard oil leads to a sharp and delicate taste in curry.

You can cook pakoras instead of softening them.

Do not skip the curry leaves, because you will know that something is missing from the card.

Use fine grade flour (besan).

Onion pakoras can be prepared before hand and kept side by side.

Use the large bottom jar to cook the card. The fries mix the mixture while cooking and can be dissolved if you use an alittle jar.

To make soft poras, add more water than is mentioned in the recipe below. In this case, add the kora to the card, just before serving. If it is added a lot before serving, then the panoras are very soft and mushy.

Some people do not like mushy and soft pakoras in Kipad kadhi. In this case pakoras can be a little complicated. Add little or no water to the batter.

In this recipe I never made pakoras soft. Just add enough water to make the batter smooth but not wet. In this case, you can properly add the panors as soon as the card is ready. Panoras will not break when the card is set later.


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Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is a delectable sauce, veggie lover nourishment from the State of Punjab in India. Punjab is known for its delectable veggie lover nourishments and extremely well known in Indian cafés all through the world.

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is accessible on street side nourishment trucks/merchants and is a typical, well known nourishment thing that is served for individuals who like to eat in these nourishment stands or road sellers. It is a mix of pakora and kadhi and very declicious.