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Ruchika Dutta

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How to make Red Velvet Cake at home?


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Red velvet cake is everyone’s favorite. Visits to a confectionery are never complete without red velvet cake. However, you don’t have to visit a confectionery every time you have a craving for it, because it’s not that difficult to prepare this delectable dessert at home.

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• Semolina: 100 grams
• Milk: 100 ml
• Vinegar: ½ tablespoon
• Butter: 200 grams
• Vanilla essence: 2 tablespoons
• Sugar powder: 150 grams
• Eggs: 2
• Cocoa powder: 4 tablespoons
• Baking powder: 1 tablespoon
• Cream cheese: 300 grams
• Heavy cream: 60 grams
• White chocolate: 125 grams
• Milk chocolate: 40 grams
• Food color: Red and pink
• Salt: 500 grams


• Mix milk and vinegar.

• Mix butter and sugar and grind in a mixer. Add eggs in the mixture and beat thoroughly.

• Add the food color and the mixture of milk and vinegar in it, and mix well.

• Add cocoa powder and baking powder, and mix well.

• Apply butter on the cake container and pour the prepared mixture in it.

• Take a pressure cooker and pour salt in it. Put the cake stand in the cooker and then the cake container on it. Cook for 40-45 minutes on a low flame.

• While the cake is getting baked, the cream can be prepared.

• Take cream cheese in a container and add sugar powder in it. Whip the cream steadily.

• Add the pink food color and butter, and beat thoroughly.

• When the cake is baked, take it out and cut it in two horizontal halves.

• Take the lower half and apply the cream on it. Now keep the upper half back on the lower half.

• Cover the whole cake with the cream and store it in the refrigerator.

• Now heat heavy cream and melt milk chocolate and white chocolate in it. Add the red food color and mix properly.

• Take the cake out and apply the prepared cream on it. You can also do your desired icing.

• Red velvet cake is ready to be served.


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