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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | Food-Cooking

How to make Sooji Ka Halwa?


head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on

Sooji ka Halwa is a dessert which can be served in any season or month. Here’s how it is made. 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: NDTV Food)


• Semolina: 1 bowl
• Sugar: 1 cup (or according to your taste)
• Ghee: ½ cup
• Cardamom: 5
• Cashew (chopped): 10-12
• Almond (chopped): 10-12
• Water: As per requirement


• Boil sugar and cardamom in 2 cups of water.

• Heat ghee in a pan and fry semolina in it.

• As soon as semolina is fried well, add the boiled water in it.

• Keep stirring the mixture to keep it even.

• Cook till it gets thick.

• Garnish with almond and cashew.

• Mix well and turn the gas stove off.


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