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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Entertainment

How to manage Over-possessiveness ?


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Possessiveness is the issue which is faced by most of us. But this character can decline your relationship in terms of trust, love, intimacy and in short all aspects.

But one needs to know how can over- possessiveness be overcome:

Forget about past: You may have cheated or have been cheated by someone,But to give a new start you need to forget all the negativity that got your relationship on down scale to get a better start. It's very obvious if you let your past go off you always have possess a better present and best future.
Don't be overbearing : The more your worry about your partner, The more you get possessive. Trust that they love you because they’re choosing to be in a relationship with you. Let them go out without you, and don’t give them the third degree when they come home. If you make your partner feel like they’ve done something bad even when they haven’t, they might wonder what it’s worth to be good.
Know each other’s friends:A great way to keep from being jealous is to be familiar with each other’s social circles. If you know who your partner is spending time with, you’ll know there’s no reason to worry. An added bonus is that you might like their friends and want to spend time with them as well.

Try to find root of the problem:Whether it’s a fear from a past relationship, or even something that happened in childhood, you need to figure out what is causing you to feel and act this way. It will help you come to terms with your issue and conquer it, which in turn will make you feel better and will help future relationships. Letsdiskuss