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How to manage time in our day to day life with job?


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Apparently being employed getting a job and earning a good livelihood is one of the most vital necessity and crucial reality of life. A well secured and well paid job does not really come along easily. One has to go through a channel of achievements and self improvement to conceive a good and self satisfying job.


We usually get to hear that life starts to fall in place and we start settling in our life after we get a job. I am afraid to abide by this statement because after conceiving a professional life the things starts to fall apart in one's personal life. In this Rapid growing world the element which stops the priorities list is money and for making more and more money one has to pace up his/ her strategies, efficiency and efforts. In the course of illuminating our professional lives we suffer the most with the deficiency and proper management of time.
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One starts lacking time for the respective families by eventually starting to miss family gathering events and ending up increasing this gap further. The individual's eating habits surfaces huge alteration gradually the biggest wealth i.e., health suffers. The individual may suffer from mental agony as well for example in the starting days of a new journey that is in the starting days of an employment the person may feel irritated, pressurized ,confused and helpless.
There are various ways to bridge this gap but most prominently willingness counts If when is willing to manage time in the day-to-day life with a job. Early complications at the workplace is normal. It might sound childish but if an individual can prepare a time table and stick to it. It can be seen as a well taken measure to balance one's life and bring it back on track.
Yes as adults timetables can be very rigid at times and one may find very unusual while sticking to it. One should make sure the timetable contains a balance amount of calory intake in form of separate meals and a good amount of sleep should also be ensured. The individual's family should also take part and encourage the individual to do better and stick to his routine.
One can even visit and discuss with an elder or therapist because sometimes the environment at workplace can be very threatening.
Besides, all that self faith is of utmost value because lack of self believe can even turn good results adverse. It is mandatory to remember that pressure and tension is normal and momentory.